Cypress Screenboards are a Class 1 Durable Australian timber and are Termite Resistant. These timber screens are commonly used as Fence Screening, Privacy Screens, Timber Pickets, Screenboards.

Size (mm) Length (m)  
50 x 50 1.2 - 4.8m R/Sawn Green
50 x 25 1.2 - 4.8m R/Sawn Green

We can also offer dressing service to have the boards Dressed 40 x 40mm and 40 x 19mm if required. Contact us for more information.


50x50, 50x25, 40x40, 40x19,

Cypress Screenboards

  • Cypress Screen Sample
  • Cypress 50 x 50mm
  • Cypress 50 x 25mm
  • Screenboard Project
    Screenboard Project