Natural Edge weatherboards are a unique product that are cut and supplied still in the log to give natural look. Use weatherboards cladding to cover the outside of a building so that it looks attractive and to protect the building. Natural Edge weatherboards are great cladding for a rustic look.
Radcon Sawn Weatherboards is available in Silvertop Ash / Yellow Stringybark
Check our guides section to know about installing Natural Edge Weatherboards.

Weatherboard Type  
Natural Edge (unseasoned & supplied "in the log")

Natural Edge Weatherboards Gallery

  • Natural Edge
    Natural Edge
  • Front View
    Front View
  • Natural
  • Painted Natural Edge
    Painted Natural Edge
  • Redhill Weatherboard
    Redhill Weatherboard
  • Side View
    Side View
  • weatherboard_natural_edge_being_used
  • Edge View
    Edge View
  • Front Edge View
    Front Edge View