We stock a wide range of Ironbark, Sugar Gum and Yellow Stringy Bark Logs and Bushpoles. Great for Landscape use or even rustic posts for pergolas, carports, huts and fencing.

Wide range of sizes available, most common sizes we stock are

125 - 150mm Diameter
150 - 200mm Diameter
200 - 250mm Diameter
300 - 350mm Diameter
400 - 450mm Diameter
500 + Diameter

*Lengths up to 6.0m available.

Bush Poles Gallery

  • Ironbark logs
    Ironbark logs
  • Ironbark
  • Ironbark Pole
    Ironbark Pole
  • Ironbark poles
    Ironbark poles
  • Ironbark logs 2.1m
    Ironbark logs 2.1m
  • Ironbark Logs 2.1
    Ironbark Logs 2.1
  • Ironbark log
    Ironbark log
  • Bush Poles
    Bush Poles
  • bush poles 3
    bush poles 3
  • Yellow Stringybark bush poles
    Yellow Stringybark bush poles