Cypress Decking is a firm and highly durable timber being a Class 1. The colour is a natural Blonde - Yellow colour with very distinctive "knots and feature". Cypress Decking is termite resistant and is a popular choice as a decking product due to its ease of use compared with some of the dense hardwoods.

Available Products:

Size (mm) Profile Length (m)
115 x 32 Rough Sawn PR Edges  1.8 - 4.5m Random
115 x 32 Dressed PR Edges 1.8 - 4.5m Random

Outlast can also supply custom size decking such as 140 x 32mm Rough Sawn Top. Call for details. 


Dimension: 115 x 32mm

Cypress Decking Gallery

  • Cypress Cladding Dressed
    Cypress Wall Cladding
  • Cypress Boardwalk
    Cypress Boardwalk Deck
  • Cypress Dressed
    Cypress Boardwalk Decking
  • Cypress Decking 120 x 31
    Cypress Decking 120 x 31